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1 to make a mistake or be incorrect [syn: mistake, slip]
2 wander from a direct course or at random; "The child strayed from the path and her parents lost sight of her"; "don't drift from the set course" [syn: stray, drift]

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From errer, from errare.


  • a UK /eə/ or /ɜː/
  • a US /ɛɹ/ or qualifier rare /ɝ/
    (Note: the first pronunciation is considered incorrect by some conservative commentators although it is more common. The second pronunciation may be unfamiliar to many speakers.)
  • Rhymes with: -ɜː(r)


  1. To make a mistake.
    He erred in his calculations, and made many mistakes.
  2. To sin.

Derived terms


make a mistake
  • Czech: chybovat
  • Danish: fejle
  • Dutch: een fout maken, een vergissing maken, zich vergissen
  • Finnish: erehtyä, tehdä virhe
  • German: irren
  • Hungarian: téved
  • Italian: errare, sbagliare
  • Portuguese: errar
  • Spanish: errar, equivocar
  • Swedish: fela, göra misstag
See: sin



err g Albanian


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  • Err is the verb form of error or mistake
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

backslide, be in error, be mistaken, be wrong, blunder, bungle, commit sin, degenerate, deviate, divagate, do amiss, do wrong, drift, excurse, fall, fall into error, foozle, go adrift, go amiss, go astray, go awry, go wrong, goof, judge amiss, lapse, meander, misappreciate, misbelieve, miscalculate, miscompute, misconjecture, misconstrue, misdeem, misesteem, misestimate, misevaluate, misinterpret, misjudge, misreckon, miss, miss the mark, misthink, misvalue, offend, pererrate, ramble, rove, serve Mammon, sin, slip, slip up, snake, straggle, stray, stumble, transgress, trespass, trip, twist, twist and turn, wander, wind
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